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Established in 2002, we’ve extensive experience in all types of scaffolding.

Scaffolding Services

Tube and Fitting

As a leading tube and fitting scaffolding company, we maintain a well-stocked in-house inventory, ensuring readiness for your upcoming projects. Our versatile scaffolding is ideal for diverse construction needs, from buildings and bridges to industrial facilities and domestic properties. Its adaptability to various shapes and sizes makes it perfect for projects with irregular structures. Whether it's a standard TG20 scaffold or a customised design, trust our expertise to handle your task effectively.

System Scaffolding

As part of our services, we offer Trad's Plettac Metrix System Scaffold, supported with a healthy in-house stock. This system allows for quick turnaround, enhancing our competitiveness due to significantly reduced build and dismantle times. Widely used in construction, the Plettac Metrix system is among the latest innovations in scaffolding industry, incorporating advanced safety features and bespoke components. Its popularity stems from a modular design, standardised components, and adaptability for diverse construction applications. Our fully trained team is ready to provide you with our efficient system scaffold services.

Stair Access

We provide various temporary stair access solutions to ensure a secure means of entry and a viable emergency escape route from your work area. Our offerings include the traditional tube and fitting method, Haki and Plettac Metrix system solutions. Whether it's for safe access to your scaffold or an industrial roof, you can trust that we have a diverse range of solutions available to meet your need.

Edge Protection

We provide diverse edge protection solutions, featuring our custom-designed roof mount system and any other standalone temporary edge protection options. Our extensive range of aluminum equipment minimises the impact on your project. Trust our IPAF-trained team to meet your edge protection needs with confidence.

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This would usually depend on the size and complexity of your project. Rest assured we have a fleet of dedicated scaffolders and will strive to meet any deadlines you might have.

For ours and our customers peace of mind we hold 10M public liability insurance.

We’re located in Manchester but are able to travel the length of the UK for our clients.

No two scaffolding projects are the same. Please contact us for a quote for your exact project. Rest assured though, our pricing is extremely competitive.